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What We Do

Generational poverty in developing countries is represented by a lack of access to opportunities. When people living within the poverty trap are given access to opportunities to help themselves out of poverty, this leads to access to positive choices, and access to positive choices provides a sustainable and dignified path out of poverty. Open Road Global is combating extreme poverty by providing opportunities for those who have been born into a world void of the ability to make daily dignified choices. The following solutions and systems have been put into action in order to provide a wide scope of opportunities to families escaping poverty.


Loan Free Business Start Up Solution

Our solution gives opportunity for women ineligible for loans an opportunity to invest their time and talent into making products that our marketplace partners turn into loan free working capital for each woman. While women are in this program they receive one on one financial literacy coaching and business mentoring.


Ella Florece Commercial Hub & Community Center

Ella Florece (She Blooms) is a one of a kind center located in the center of Tijuana, Mexico and is an ‘opportunity collective’ for women and their children to have open and safe access to a number of tools and options to enable them to escape poverty and thrive.

Our available opportunities include:
– job training scholarships
– business and financial training course
– on site english lessons
– financial advisor one on one coaching
– marketplace space at our sponsored retail store


Community Development

Open Road Global believes that communities are changed through community development projects that are built with self reliance at the center of its design. We partner with locally run organizations who are equipped and able to provide sustainable and long lasting support to communities in need. Our community development projects focus on those working alongside and with the most marginalized communities, and aims to bring lasting developmental change that will continue to grow for generations to come. 


Counseling & Wholeness Programs

At Open Road Global we believe that in order for poverty alleviation interventions to be successful and sustainable, they must be paired with opportunities for individuals to receive restoration and healing from trauma.​

Often women living in poverty tend to find themselves isolated from support systems, especially within urban communities. Our restoration care focuses on the building of positive long lasting relationships through meaningful and safe communities, trauma care support groups, art based therapies, and access to life giving resources such as Bible study groups, various workshops, and speakers.

Ability Without Opportunity Is Nothing

About | Collective Impact

Community Partners

Open Road is committed to ending extreme poverty globally through a collective impact model. Poverty alleviation is a massive task and a single organization cannot do it alone. By developing cross-sector partners who fall on various parts of the poverty alleviation spectrum, we can be successful in ending extreme poverty together. 

In order to ensure sustainability and create a deeper impact together we actively work to maintain a common agenda with mutual accountability, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous open communication, and a shared commitment to bring together our separate skills and resources for common development goals.