About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We believe that extreme poverty is represented by a lack of opportunity to make meaningful life choices and so we provide opportunities that address some of the most prevalent and fundamental challenges to extreme poverty. Our available opportunities are built around the following areas of need:

– Lack of Livelihood and Income

– Poor Community Infrastructure

– Social isolation and Trauma

To Gather Talents, Resources, And Partnerships In Order To Empower Families To Live Financially Secure And Dignified Lives.

Our Team

Volunteer Team Leader


Local Mexico Operational Coordinator and Director Of Ella Florece


Founding Story (Our Story):

Open Road Global began its work in response to an ongoing problem globally whereby children are being raised apart from their mothers due to a lack of financial ability for single moms to care for their children. We began helping one specific family where the mom was working in a most undignified line of work and was unable to care for her kids. As an organization we began to support this mother in developing a small business selling second hand clothing, and eventually she was able to open a local shop and reunite with her 6 children.

As we responded to this families crisis situation we saw how extreme poverty was ripping away opportunities from women who were hard working and desiring to raise their own children.

It was out of this realization that we were led to develop a number of opportunities for women that are so poor they have no access to meaningful opportunities within their own communities. As an organization we began to develop and implement a loan free capital building program and financial literacy classes for four women in Tijuana. As we saw these women successfully invest their working capital into providing a financially secure future for their children, we knew that we were called as an organization to continue further down this road.

In February of 2020 we opened the doors to an ‘opportunity collective’ space in the heart of downtown Tijuana that houses a long list of programs including: free classes, job training opportunities, financial classes, and more. This collective has allowed us to expand and provide more and more opportunities to women living without hope of a free and secure future. As we deepen our roots as an organization we look forward to seeing more and more women and children thrive in a world where a future outside the margins of poverty is possible.

“Generational poverty steals an individual’s plan for the future. I’ve personally seen the power that comes from giving people the ability to make meaningful choices for their families, and I’m excited about the potential of Open Road Globals model in providing opportunities for families to escape poverty for good.” – Sarah Overbey, Open Road Global Founder