Ending Poverty By Providing Opportunities


About Us

What we do

Our approach combats the barriers to financial success and opportunity for women in Mexico.

Loan Free Business Start Up Solutions

Women who are ineligible for loans due to lack of collateral and savings, can instead invest their time and talent and partner with our marketplace opportunities to create usable business savings. Time + Talent + Marketplace = Business Savings

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Local Marketplace & Community Gathering Opportunities

We provide local space for women to be able to gather and have access to poverty alleviating opportunities, as well as have access to open marketplace opportunities to develop business skills and obtain selling space.

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Financial Literacy & Business Training

Handing someone money that has no financial training and background is not going to know how to be successful in how to manage the finances of a business. The curriculum teaches them how to track inventory, separate household income from business income, etc.

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Health and Wellness Program

Where necessary and possible Open Road Global connects families they are working with to various health and wellness opportunities that will promote a healthy and stable future both mentally and physically. Various forms of in house therapies and resource connections are offered.

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Opportunities provide both dignity and a sustainable path out of poverty